Reflections of The Trask is the first video in a series about the North Coast watersheds in Oregon. Ethan Barrow, co-owner of Adventures Across Oregon, takes us on a thoughtful journey to explain how he connects with this scenic, wild river.

Filmmaker Katelyn Black teams up with the North Coast State Forrest Coalition to develop a series of vignettes that highlight the iconic rivers and watersheds of Oregon’s north coast through the immensely varied ways that locals interact with this region. The NCSF coalition is well-connected to Oregonians who are deeply invested in various north coast watersheds for their livelihoods and unique ways of life. By identifying those interests and enterprises that are unique to each individual watershed, we will bring to light concerns that affect all of the north coast, its people, and its forests. Audience members who may know only certain rivers or watersheds will be excited to witness the interconnectedness of this temperate rainforest ecoregion. People who only interact with the region through a single lens (fishing, hiking, or logging) will be compelled to consider the myriad ways in which the north coast supports the Oregon way(s) of life. This film series would capture that work and go beyond it towards a broader celebration of these watersheds, their history, and their potential.

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Wise Woman is a short film showcasing the life and legend of counter-culture herbalist and women's health author, Susun S. Weed. 

The documentary portrays her story as part of a broader look at society's increasing interest in old ways of healing with herbs, roots, and flower essences. Susan’s journey from self care to wide acceptance in her practice of Herbal Medicine has allowed her to educate other people about an ancient, and sometimes lost,  reliance on natural medicines. Her story is just one small part of a larger narrative about the rise in Western herbalism in the United States.

Pony Painting is a character profile of a Portland artist as she ventures into the realm of performance art. Filmmaker Kate Black follows a local artist around with a camera for 36 hours in order to capture the unique thought process and steps towards a one-of-a-kind creation which she dubbed 'Pony Painting'. WARNING: explicit material, recommended for mature audiences only.